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31st May 2013
There is more to preparing for hurricane season than securing windows and buying matches if you are staying on island for the storms. And even more to be done to protect your property if you are leaving island for the hurricane season.
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3rd May 2013
After you have bought your piece of beachfront or rainforest land on a Caribbean island, and whilst your plans are being approved by the Local Planning Authority, there is so much to do before you can actually start construction. Finding an architect, reviewing estimates from contractors, and a hundred and one other tasks, and during this phase the subject of onsite security and storage looms large.
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28th Oct 2012
Nestled among soaring palm trees, overlooking crystal clear waters, set atop a majestic hill or situated on a luxuriantly vegetated countryside, the tropical home is an intrinsic element of its geographical region. Seamlessly integrating with the aesthetic beauty of their surroundings, proper attention to interior detail and finishes is essential, in order to enjoy the full advantages of tropical living.
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10th Oct 2012
The Caribbean and tropical regions are especially suited for the application of vegetated "Green Roofs" due their inherent resistance to high winds, seismic disturbance, and intense solar radiation. In fact, a green roof functions as a passive cooling system for the whole building because of the evaporation, transporation, and self-shading aspects of the vegetation.
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10th Sep 2012
To fence or not to fence is a question whose answer is dictated by several criteria, including the tethering laws of the particular island nation in which you own property. The BVI for example, legislates in favour of the owner of the goat or cow that has invaded your beautiful garden and is at present eating the new shoots on your prize hibiscus. So, you cannot complain to the owner and you had better make sure that the animal is not damaged by your garden, or you may be sued!
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